A wearable for suppressing tremor


What are tremors?

Tremors are involuntary shakes in the arms, commonly seen in Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor. Over 22 million people worldwide are effected by tremor disorders and have serious difficulties with eating, drinking and writing. Current treatments to suppress tremors have limited tremor reduction and multiple side-effects. There is a need for something new.


Noise cancelling technology

STIL uses the principal of noise cancelling to suppress tremor. By applying an anti-vibration to the arm, the tremor is actively counteracted and the hand is stabilized.


STIL Brace: Wearable tremor suppression

The technology described above is integrated into a compact wearable that patients wear around their wrist. Preliminary results have shown up to 75% tremor suppression. It will be released after the clinical study has been conducted. More details regarding timing are shown below.


“Currently, there are no adequate treatments to suppress tremor. Patients need better options. They need them now.”

IJsbrand de Lange | Founder


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