Impact of tremor

A tremor in the arm or hand can cause serious difficulties in daily activities such as writing, drinking and eating. Next to these functional impairments, tremor can influence a patient’s social life. Many patients are ashamed of their tremor and therefore avoid social activities.

We aim to change this.


Over 22 million patients in need…


How does the STIL brace work?

STIL develops a wrist brace that suppresses tremor, using the concept of noise-cancelling. The brace measures the tremor of the patient and creates a vibration in the opposite direction. By applying this ‘anti-vibration’ to the arm, the tremor is counteracted and thus the arm stabilized.


What makes STIL different?

Current treatment options include medication and brain surgery. However, both of these options are expensive and have side-effects such as nausea, dizziness and depression. Moreover, not all patients respond to medication.

The STIL brace provides an affordable alternative. This wearable device suppresses the tremor instantly and can be used for different kinds of daily activities. Preliminary results have shown up to 75% tremor reduction. Since the suppression is purely mechanical, the above mentioned side-effects are not expected to occur.

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